Interstate Horse Transport

Goldners specialises in direct, overnight, interstate services. We connect Gold Coast, Sydney, Scone, Melbourne and Adelaide 2-5 times per week.

In order to ensure that your horse travels as smoothly as possible, Goldners takes the most direct routing possible. We recognise that the longer horses are on a truck, the more disruptive travel can be. We schedule transport with this in mind to benefit you and your horse.

On longer journeys, horses are rested at least every twelve hours, and receive feed and water at our stabling complexes.

Paddock, Race, Trial & Stud Movements

Goldners transports horses of all kinds across eastern Australia on demand. With the investment you make in your horse, why risk it with anyone else?

All of our fleet allow for single, 1.5, double, and box stalls for your horse as required. Call us today to experience ‘Goldners Quality’ service on your next important horse movement.

Horse Sales

Goldners attends all of Australia’s largest horse sales, and we look forward to seeing you there. Goldners outstanding service can be arranged for your recent purchase.

Goldners ensures safe and reliable transport of your horses to and from sales events.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, or grab the Goldners team member at the sales.

International Connections

Whether you’re importing or exporting a special horse overseas, or bringing in international runners or shuttle stallions, Goldners is the most experienced transport company in Australia’s specialised quarantine and import/export requirements.

Goldners is approved for pick-up and drop-off at Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) stations, and has done so thousands of times.


The races are your horse’s big day, so everything must go just right. Goldners carried their first Melbourne Cup winner in 1949 and we deliver the certainty that you require on raceday.

Goldners services the racing requirements of Australia’s most successful stables.
Call us today to experience the Goldners Difference.



Find answers to your questions.

Before transport

What information do you need to book my horse in?

In general the following information will be required: name, sex, pick up and drop off location and site contact details, billing and payment details.

Please refer to our booking page at www.goldners/book-a-movement-general

Do you transport unhandled horses?

Our drivers are all very experienced horsemen and women, all care will be taken to transport horses of all educations as smoothly as possible, however will strongly suggest for the welfare of the horse and the handlers that they are at least taught to lead and load before transport.

Loading and cancellation fees do apply.

Do you transport anything other than horses?

We will happily transport Donkeys, however, dogs, sheep, cows, chickens and general freight will not be carried.

If I have gear to be sent with the horse, will you take it?

We can take a small amount of gear with the horse, if the gear is bagged and labled. We do not transport expensive items such as Saddles and Sulkies. Goldners takes no responsibility for any gear shipped.

When is payment for the transport required?

Payment is required at time of booking if you do not currently have an account with us.

Can I travel with my horse?

As a general rule, only strappers attending to horses on Trial or Race Days can travel in our certified strappers bays.

My mare has a foal at foot, can they travel?

Yes, we regularly transport mares and foal, they are given extra space. There is a small additional charge for the foal.

If I have a large horse can I order extra space?

Yes you can request extra space at the time of booking for your larger horse or bad traveller, additional fees to apply.

Do I need to insure my horse?

We recommend horses are insured for travel, therefore we suggest you talk to your current insurer to discuss adding a transit policy and double check there aren’t any geographical limitations on the policy you have, or take out.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

A 50% cancellation fee for all interstate and paddock trips applies should the pre-booked movement be cancelled within 12 hours prior to collection.

**Conditions apply**

What happens if my horse won’t load?

A minimum fee of $150 will be charged for movements where the horse/horses have failed to load on collection.

**Conditions apply**

During transport

What contact will I receive during my horses transport?

We will contact you for pick up and drop off times, outside of this if you would like updates on your horses throughout the duration of an interstate trip or several legs, please let us know at time of booking and we will happily provide you with information on how the horse is travelling and photos wherever possible.

Do you administer medication for my horse during transit, especially on interstate legs?

We are not vets, so will not administer any prescription medications for your horse. We will however help you arrange a vet to administer these on your behalf for the duration of time your horse is in our care. This cost will be billed directly to the owner of the horse from the treating vet.

Should my horse wear leg bandages or floating boots?

We generally recommend against the use of leg bandages and wraps/boots. If you wish your horse to travel with these, please speak with your Goldners representative.


Get a free quote today for your next horse movement. Got a unique situation that you would rather discuss, or need to setup a regular transport? Call us now on 1300 655 090 or email movements@goldners.com.au.